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book report the selection

Book report

Title of the book: The Selection
Author: Kiera Cass
Where and when does the story take place?
The story takes place in a country named Illea, 300 years into the future. Illea was built on the ashes of North America which was destroyed by China in world war III.
Illea is a monarchy which is based on caste system. The caste system ranges from one to eight ג€“ one being the best and eight being the worst. Meaning One's are the wealthiest and eights are destitute and the lower the number the lower the living status of the family.
The caste, doesn't just prescribe the economic status of the person, but also determine his job. Every caste members has to work in a specific job according their caste. For example, Fives are artists. They can only work as an artists ג€“ singers, painters, musicians and so on, even they don't want to.

Most of the book takes place in the royal palace, where the selection takes place.
What is the genre of the book? (adventure, family, scary, thriller, love storyג€¦)
Who are the main characters? Describe them (Name, age, personality, aims ...)
The main character is America Singer. America is 16 years old and her caste is a Five. Fives are artists, so America is working as a musician and as a singer. She has a red head and blue eyes and she's considered very beautiful. America is stubborn, rebellious, speaks her mind, has a short temper, kind and courageous. She's strong and independent.
Her dream is to marry her secret lover Aspen who's from a lower caste, despite her mother will ג€“ her to marry a guy from upper caste.

What is the plot?

The prince of Illea announces about opening the registration for a competition called the selection. The selection is a reality show competition in which 35 young women from all the castes are brought to the palace to fight for Illea's prince's heart. The prince has to choose one lady to be his wife and to be the next queen. The one who will be chosen will turn into a One will be the queen of all Illea. The selected family will turn into One's too, so the selected and her family will have a life of luxury in the palace.

America's family wants her to apply her candidacy for the small chance she will be selected. If America will be selected, her family will turn from poor Fives who work hard but still doesn't have enough for a filling dinner to wealthy Ones. It looks like itג€™s a chance of a lifetime and America would immediately assign her candidacy but America refuses to try to be selected. Even it sounds like that; America's reason to resist is not uncaring for her family. It's because she wants to marry her secret lover - Aspen. The only problem is that Aspen is a Six. If she will marry Aspen, she will be even poorer. More than that, America's family won't allow such marriage.

In the end, America assigns her candidacy. She's sure she won't be selected because the odds are so tiny. She does so because Aspen asks her to and because a big pressure from her mother. Aspen asks America to try to be selected as he does not want to hold her back, that she will lose, because of him, a better life opportunity.
Aspen is very despondent of the fact he could never give America a good life ג€“ only a life as a Six.

America is selected. Aspen has an irrational and emotional responseג€”despite the fact that it was his suggestionג€”he breaks things off with America. And with that, America is "swept" up into crazy world of Illéan royalty. Now, with her broken heart, she moves to the palace to compete against 35 other girls on the heart of the prince or the crown ג€“ when she doesn't want any of them.

America is not even trying to get Maxon to love her and admits to him that she is in love with someone else. Maxon does not dispose her from the competition as excepted, after all she's a Five who asked to be selected, saying to the prince she doesn't want him. The lets her stay even she behaved in impolite way toward him. In the conversation, America asks the prince to stay for the good food. They start spending a lot of time together, even creating a secret signal (tugging an ear).
They become good friend.
But when the times goes things get complicated: the prince sees America as more than a friend, Aspen is coming to the palace for America, America having a kiss with both of them, America loves both of them. America have to choose. This is the main dielema in the book ג€“ who should America choose in. Aspen, askes America in the end of the book who she chose ג€“ him or the prince - but she replies ג€“ "myself". America does not choose in Aspen or the prince, but she still stays on the competition. So, does it means she wants to be with the prince or that she's just taking her time with the decision?

What is the end of the story:
in the end of the book Aspen askes America who she chose ג€“ him or the prince - but she replies ג€“ "myself". America does not choose in Aspen or the prince, but she still stays on the competition. So, does it means she wants to be with the prince or that she's just taking her time with the decision?

Write a different ending to the story.

After saying to Aspen she's choosing herself, America goes in the middle of the night out of her room. She passes all the security lines and gets to the prince's room. She wakes him up in a kiss and tells him she has decided what she wants. But before the prince thinks about it, America tells him she needs to take a break and she doesn't want to be anyone's wife now. She asks him to give her money so she could come back to her loved family. He asks if she will ever return and she lifts her shoulders in reply. He laughs a faint laugh but then smiles a sad smile. She gives him a kiss on the forehead and goes away without a word. She goes home, leaving the palace, Aspen and the prince behind her.

What is your favorite part? Why?
My favorite part is the start. In the start you get to know America Singer and you fall in love in her. In the start of the story you are fascinated to hear the rebellious thing she had done that time. You just admire her. Later on, she is busy in her love life ג€“a complicated love triangle that every side has it's pros and cons. In addition, It is very nice to get to see something from opposites perspectives ג€“ and this is how you get to know the selection. You see the selection from different perspectives and every time you get convinced that's the right thing to do. You love and hate the characters in the same time.

Write a new title: "A rebel teenage in a dictated world"
In the book, there's a conflict between America's wills and what the world dictates to her. She cannot be herself because everything is dictated and eliminates her.

Did you like the book? Why? Why not?

I liked the book. It has all what a good "fun time" book (a book you have a fun time reading it but you don't learn from it) in my opinion needs to have ג€“ romance conflict, other conflicts and an interesting character.
In this book, the main character is interesting and inspiring. I just want be like her because she's so fantastic. She cares for others and she's not afraid to fight for them, even if it will lead to a punishment. She has strong principles and she's not giving up on them.
The book is very interesting and you enjoy reading it. All the romance is very satisfying. Even it is obvious she will be selected, how it happens is so lovely, you start to doubt her selection sometimes because the book is written so well, there are so many other things who happen which are not expected at all.
The book is not fascinating all the time ג€“ it has a point of boredom in the end, a point you just want to finish the book and move on to the next one, but it does worth it. I'm happy I read it but I'm not sure I'm going to read the next one. That book had been enough romance for now.

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